Flute World is America's leading flute house. We offer a comprehensive online catalog of flute music in 48 different categories along with a wide variety of flute-related accessories and recordings.

We also stock many different top brands and models of C flutes, piccolos, alto flutes and bass flutes. Every instrument we sell is play-tested and adjusted by our professional staff prior to shipment. We will be pleased to assist you in selecting the flute which best suits you, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Our student, intermediate and professional models include:

  • Altus
  • Amadeus
  • Azumi
  • Brio!
  • Burkart
  • Dean Yang
  • diMedici
  • Di Zhao
  • Gemeinhardt
  • Hammig
  • Haynes
  • Jupiter
  • Muramatsu
  • Nagahara
  • Pearl
  • Powell
  • Powell Sonare
  • Resona
  • Sankyo
  • Roy Seaman
  • Trevor James
  • Yamaha

We also offer a wide variety of used professional level piccolos, C flutes, Alto Flutes, Bass Flutes and Headjoints.


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