Britannia silver (.958) handcut "V" headjoint, Britannia silver body and footjoint, silver plated keys, stainless steel springs, pointed key arms, french (open hole) keys, offset G, C# trill, drawn tone holes, B footjoint

Altus Artist flutes offer the exceptional hand craftsmanship, tonal color, and playability of Altus Professional flutes without the added expense. Each model features the Altus/Bennett scale, stainless steel springs, handcut headjoint and hand-soldered French-pointed keys. By using 958 Britannia silver, this flute obtains a wide sound with a darker colouring than the preceding instruments. Because of the modulation capacity of the sound, the notes’ carrying capacity and its dynamic range, the Altus 1107 is particularly suitable for the gifted and ambitious flutist.

Altus1107RBOCV 01-tagged.jpgAltus1107RBOCV 03-tagged.jpg