All sterling silver, handcut Z cut headjoint, French (open hole), offset G, C# trill, D# roller, pointed key arms, SP-1 springs, soldered tone holes, D# roller, B footjoint

Altus Professional flutes models are distinguished by a variety of tube materials and manufacturing techniques. Standard features include the Altus/Bennett scale, exclusive SP-1 springs, drawn or soldered tone holes, soldered, French-pointed keys, hand-carved lip plates, gizmo key, and D# roller. 

Z-CUT - This cut has a more rectangular shape and minimal over and undercutting, produces a quick response without sacrificing agility. It offers full projection over the entire range of the flute and a darker more dramatic tone color. 

Altus 1407RBOCDZ 02-tagged.jpgAltus 1407RBOCDZ 03-tagged.jpgAltus 1407RBOCDZ 04-tagged.jpgAltus 1407RBOCDZ 05-tagged.jpg