"Altus Limited" model: Seamed Altus silver ™ tubing, .925 sterling silver mechanism, handcut Z-cut headjoint with 14K gold riser, offset G, C# trill, D# roller, SP-1 springs, soldered tone holes, french (open hole), D# roller, B footjoint

Altus' proprietary Altus Limited (AL) alloy combines silver with the world’s finest precious metals. It is a perfectly engineered blend consisting of 94.6% silver and 18 precious metals, including small amounts of platinum and gold. Inspired by the preferred metallurgy of the great French flute making tradition, Altus silver was designed specifically for seamed tube creation. Only Altus silver provides the correct silver blend for extensive hand forming and represents the highest art in flute making available today. This results in a flute capable of producing a wide array of complex tonal colors.

Made from a flat piece of metal that is rolled, hand planished, and then seamed, the Altus seamed tube is truly the only handmade flute tube available in modern production. There is no other flute as expressive. The player feels the vibrance of the instrument as the audience becomes captivated by its tonal beauty.

The Altus Silver Flute, also know as the Altus Limited, is the culmination of the work of Shuichi Tanaka. The Altus Silver flute presents its own unique sound with full tonal color spectrum and unparalleled centered projection - the perfect marriage of vintage French flute tradition and modern innovation. 

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