Baroque Dances (ed.Czidra) (score form)
2 flutes
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Instrumental dance music has had two different functions since the beginning of the Baroque period.  On the one hand, it has retained its original role as an accompaniment to dancing, and on the other it decisively inspired the emerging types of movements and typical characters that made instrumental music completely independent at that time.  The titles are:  Boismortier, Allemande; de la Barre, Allemande; Corrette, Allemande; Anonymous, L'Amazone; Bononcin, Allemanda; Schickhardt, Allemanda; Boismortier, Courante; Boismortier, La Perplexe; Schickhardt, Corrente; Bononcini, Corrente; Loeillet de Gant, Corrente; Witt, Sarabande; Boismortier, Sarabande; Corelli, Sarabanda; Valentine, Sarabanda; Schickhardt, Sarabanda; de Lavigne, Sarabande; Chedeville, Sarabande; Mouret, Sarabande; Chedeville, La Missisipy; Boismortier, La Courtisane, Les Reitres; Anonymous, Gigue de Mr. King; Chedeville, Gigue I and II; Paisible, Giga; Valentine, Giga; Anonymous, Le Coucou; Anet, Menuet; Boismortier, Menuet; Chedeville, Menuet; Naudot, Menuet I and II; Hotteterre, Menuet I and II; Chedeville, Menuet italien; Handel, Menuetto; Boismortier, Passepied I and II; Boismortier, Les Menetriers, L'Enhardie; Aubert, Gavotte; Chedeville, Gavotte; Boismortier, La Pointilleuse; Handel, Gavotte; Anonymous, Gavotte; Corelli, Gavotta; Valentine, Gavotta; Blavet Gavotte; Boismortier, Gavotte I and II; Chedeville Gavotte I and II; Lully, Bourree pour les Courtisans; Hasse, Bourree; Chedeville, Bourree; Boismortier, Bouree; Naudot, Bourree I and II; Boismortier, Rigaudon; Chedeville, La Jeunese; Loeillet of London, Siciliano; Boismortier, Loure La Castillanne; Boismortier, Canarie and Les Fuyards; de Fesch, Hornpipe; Chedeville, Tambourin I and II; Boismortier, Provencale; Aubert, Tambourinet I and II; Kropfgans, Polonaise; Naudot, Polonaise; Anonymous, The Goddesses, Black Jack, Nobody's Jigg, The Siege of Buda; Boismortier, Contredanse Les Chi-en-lit; Chedeville, Contredanse; Anonymous, Contredanse I and II; Chedeville, Cotillon and Cotillon du Roy; Corrette, Musette; de la Barre, Musette, Gavotte; Chedeville, Le joyeux; Boismortier, Menuet en rondeau L' importun, Pastorale en rondeau; Valentine, Rondeau