Bela's Village(sc&pts)
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Woodwind Quintet

The Bela in the title refers to Bela Bartok, the 20th century Hungarian composer who used folk music of his region as inspiration for his own brilliant concert music. While he is rightly remembered today as a great composer, Bartok spent equal time and energy working as a musicologist, seeking and writing down peasant music in remote villages all over Hungary, Romania, and the Balkans, to preserve this music before it was lost to the advance of commercial society. The melodies themselves have an irrestible, expressive and fresh quality to them. Often irregular and earthy, they are unlike what any "trained" composer would create. Each one is the product of generations of anonymous musicians, and as such is really a natural phenomenon more than an individual artwork. Bartok regarded each of these melodies as perfect, like a flower or gemstone is perfect.