Alto Flute: Silver plated headjoint with silver lip and riser, curved headjoint only, silver plated body, pointed key arms, thumb and D# rollers, "extension" footjoint key design for ease of playing, key of G.

Brio! makes the unique and warm sound of the alto flute more accessible to schools, flute choirs and individuals. Through extensive research and development, Brio! has combined an even scale and responsive head joint with an ergonomic mechanism to provide an alto flute that is more versatile, balanced and comfortable to play. The Brio! BAF 1 Alto Flute is built with a unique solid silver lip plate and riser, giving much of the rich sound quality of a solid silver alto flute, at a fraction of the cost. It also comes standard with pointed arm mechanism and a D# and thumb rollers. Choose a straight or curved head joint, or purchase the flute with both styles of head joint in a combination case.