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Platinum and Gold
Burkart Platinum and Gold Flutes are available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Please contact us for more information about options, features, pricing and availability.

Crafted from the finest materials, with absolutely no compromises in quality or workmanship. Every flute is produced to the Burkart level of excellence. Burkart-Phelan is a small artisan shop where there is still truth in the words "hand made." They continually answer the demand for improvement in the 21st-century flute with innovative design, new materials, and the most advanced precision tools. Burkart flutes truly live up to the motto "Precision that plays." From the moment the first Burkart professional flute was introduced in 1996, Burkart-Phelan has led the way in design and materials innovation.

14K Gold - Burkart's classic 14K gold flute is made using the traditional rose gold alloy. The tubing is hard-drawn to 0.012” wall thickness, and produces a full, deep, rich timbre. Esthetically, the most ravishing flute is the rose gold flute with sterling silver keys. The lightweight keywork contrasts beautifully with the warm gold color of the body. A solid gold mechanism extends the magnificence of the Burkart flute. Gold cannot tarnish and retains its luster for many lifetimes of enjoyment.

19.5K Gold - Burkart's luxurious 19.5K rose gold flute is the newest addition to the Burkart family. This remarkable instrument has extraordinary depth, unequaled richness and a fluid, noble tone. The full harmonic foundation of the tone distinguishes it from other flutes. The complexity of this sound is immensely rewarding to the flutist and the audience.

Platinum - The Burkart platinum flute is made of an extraordinary alloy, SSP, that intensifies the Burkart characteristics of resonance, responsiveness and projection. Platinum flutes are the most stable in terms of response and offer the player the most extreme dynamic possibilities. This flute is made with a 0.011” wall, as it is the most dense of the precious metals.

Flute Headjoints:
Lillian Burkart's hand-cut headjoints provide the hallmark projection and response of the Burkart & Phelan flute. They are identical to those made for the Burkart flute. One of two styles can be chosen for the instrument.

C4 - a classic cut which produces a warm, round, sweet sound. It is noted for its fluidity and flexibility in slurring wide intervals. The player will enjoy homogeneity in all three octaves and a wide palate of colors and timbre. The stability and ease of play allow for nuance within a wide range of colors and dynamics.

M2 - Lillian Burkart's most innovative cut. The air stream is quickly excited and the player achieves exceptional response and projection. All three octaves have a ringing resonance and a dark core. An unprecedented dynamic range and flexibility make this headjoint the choice for all music styles.

Burkart Platinum & Gold Flutes are available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Please contact us for more information about options, features, pricing and availability.