Elite Series: Handcut .998 silver M2 headjoint, .998 body and footjoint, sterling silver mechanism, French, B foot, offset G, C# trill key, G disc, white gold springs, soldered tone holes, A=442.

The 998 silver flute has the tonal depth and color of a platinum flute, but speaks with the shimmer and projection of a silver flute. The resonance of this flute is the result of its extraordinary 99.8% pure silver content. The brilliance of silver, warmth and depth of gold and projection of platinum are all found in one material. An innovative process produces a tube that is hard and reflective. Hardness imparts vibrancy, color and a beautiful distinction in the sound of the new 998 silver Burkart flute. 

Burkart BS998BOCG14KR 02-tagged.jpg