Canto XIII(P solo)
Ludwig Music
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Written for solo piccolo by Samuel Adler.

This piece may be performed "straight," meaning that the performer simply goes on stage and plays the work all the way through.

This piece may also be performed using a bit of "theater." Begin the first chant outside and slowly enter during the performance of it arring at a position (possibly stage left) to play the "Dance."  During the performance of the next chant, walk to a new position, then play the "Dance Variation." Finally, during the performance of the final chant, slowly leave the stage in order to play the final few pitches off-stage.

If the performer chooses "theater," he/she should make certain that all movement is done very slowly and with great dignity, and except for the beginning and the end, the distances between the "stations" should be close.

The chants should be performed very freely as in the manner of a Gregorian Chant, moving the eighth notes quite unevenly but very expressively.