Canzona/Webb(3P,8C,A)(3 Choirs)
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Giovanni Gabrieli (ca. 1554-1612)
Arranged by Robert K. Webb

Besides the shear beauty of the Gabireli Canzona, this arrangement for flute choir has specific purposes for the young flute ensemble. First there is the use of the three piccolos in a leadership role. Each piccolo performer must balance with the rest of the ensemble in both dynamics, pitch, tone, and know when to perform in a solo role. Second, the three contrasting choirs requires that each act independently of the other choirs as well as work as a total ensemble.

This arrangement may be performed with all C flutes and piccolos. Alternate parts for the alto flutes are supplied for Flute 3-1 and Flute 3-2. An alternate C flute part is supplied for the Alto-3 part.

Choir 1
Piccolo and 3 C Flutes

Choir 2
Piccolo and 3 C Flutes

Choir 3
Piccolo, 2 C Flutes, and Alto Flute