Cosmic Horizons
piccolo, 4 c flutes, alto flute, bass flute (or contrabass flute), percussion
Falls House Press
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flute choir

Cosmic Horizons by Ann Cameron Pearce
Includes a score and parts for C Flute 1 & Piccolo, C Flute 2, C Flute 3, C Flute 4, Alto Flute, Bass Flute & Contrabass Flute, Percussion (Drum and Ab Singing Bowl).  Also includes a 5th C Flute part that can be used as a substitute for Alto Flute.

The main theme of this piece features may meter changes, as if there are meteors zipping sporadically in different directions through the solar system. Players should emphasize accents, trills, flutter tougues, and keep the tempo brisk. The hand drum notation in measures 124 and 127 is for hand rolls. The secondary theme suggests the mysterious nature of outer space, with the "star" being a singing bowl. Performers may experiment with this amazing instrument and enjoy emphasizing dynamics. Devoid of a singing bowl, the same impression can be achieved with a handbell and a wooden dowel. Instrumetation is 4C flutes, piccolo, alto and bass flutes, and optional contrabass. Of course, then there are the drum and the Ab pitch singing bowl. This piece is about 3 minutes in length. It is guaranteed to bring smiles to audiences of all ages and joy to performers. Play with enthusiasm!