Desperate Measures-Diary of One Mad Mother
piccolo solo
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Written for solo piccolo, the movements are inspired by watching a mother live through the day in a multiple-child household! (18:00) The day begins innocently and early enough (I. Morning), but quickly descends to chaos as the time gets shorter and the school bus gets closer. The next few hours (II. Moro Perpetuo - that means perpetual motion) provide the only time to get all the things done which must be done to run a household, and there is never enough time.  The after school hours (III. Afternoon) represent what is perhaps the most harrowing time period known in Western Civilization.  It involves endless taxi duties, supper preparation, and inter-sibling negotiation. The family meal (IV. Evening) is a time of family bonding (and the occassional sibling treaty violation). It is only at the very end of the day (V. Reverie), when all have been safely tucked in bed, that mom has any time for herself, time that is all too short, for the minute her eyes close to dream (or so it seems)...