Digital Download Help

Flute World now offers you the option of purchasing a physical copy of a piece of music as well as Digital Downloads of select pieces sheet music.  If you are having issues with downloading your purchased files, please consult this page for assistance.

1.  How do I know if a digital download is available for the piece of music I am looking for?
Digital downloads are marked with the following red text: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY.

2. How do I add a digital download to my cart?
Simply click on the "Add to Cart" link or click on the product card to view the item and them click on the button at the bottom of the page that says Add to Cart (Digital Download Only).

3. How do I check out when I have a digital download in my cart?
You can simply check out as a registered user as normal. 

4. Once I purchase a digital download, how do I access the download link(s)?
If you have properly checked out as a registered member, once you hit the final "Submit Order" button, you will be taken to a screen that will show you your order number.  Under this order number, a link will appear that says "Download Digital Files."  Click on that link and it will take you to your account history. You can also access digital files that you have purchased when you are logged into you account by clicking on your name at the top of the screen. In your account history, you will see a list of digital files that you have purchased along with download links for those items.  Click on those links to download your purchased files. Due to copyright laws, we cannot email digital downloads.

5. How do I download the digital file(s) to my computer?
Once you click the link for the download(s), follow the prompts on your screen to save to your computer. Each browser has different prompts that you will need to follow in order to save the download(s).  Your file(s) will save to the folder on your computer that you have specified. 

6. What happens if I purchase (and download) the wrong piece of music?
Due to the nature of digital downloads, we are unable to issue refunds if the wrong item is purchased.  Sample pages of each digital download are available for you to review prior to adding the download(s) to your cart. Please review the sample page(s) provided before completing your order.

7. Can I use a digital download for a competition or contest?
You will need to check with your competition or contest coordinator to verify that a digital download is acceptable to use.