flute, trombone
Brixton Publications
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Score and Parts
Composer: Buss
Publisher: Brixton Publications
Instrumentation: Flute and Trombone

The four colorful and entertaining movements are programmatic in a general way. "First Impressions" is a friendly musical conversation reflecting the ebb and flow of ideas that two people may exchange and develop when meeting the first time. The music has an easygoing quality with the discourse becoming quite excited at times. "The Challege" begins with a flute cadenza that highlights the agility the instrument with rapid tonguing, quick dashes of sound, and trills. When the trombonist enters and demonstrates to the surprised flutist the ability to execute similar passages also with agility and finesse, it becomes apparant that a challenge has been issued. For the remainder of the movement the two players try to impress one another with their individual technical prowess. The manner in which the two finish the movement together suggests the contest is a draw. "By Starlight" has a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. The lyricism is woven into a predominately consonant harmonic tapestry that at times melts into poignant dissonance. By contrast, the freewheeling final movement, "Carnival", is bright and exuberant. The colorful music and rondo-like form is suggestive of a carousel in motion.