Flute Repertoire 4
C.F. Peters Corp.
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Aria BWV8,13,18,25,39,46,65,71,81,96 | Aria BWV103,106,119,122,127,142,152 | Aria BWV161,175,180,182,189,208,243a | Aria BWV244,249

Passages for Recorder from 24 Cantatas. This is the fourth and final volume of Bach's Flute Repertoire. It contains all of the recorder parts from Bach's cantatas and oratorios, and thus offers valuable, previously uncollected material for all serious admirers of this often unjustly despised instrument. The musical text, while following the principles of Urtext editions, has been provided with a number of suggestions for articulation and phrasing as an aid to understanding and correct performance. However the player must always bear in mind that, unlike the full socre, hisinstrumental part offers only a blinkered view of the music as a whole. Extract from Preface by Hartmut Strebel.