Four Renaissance Motets(3C,A,opt picc&bassfl)
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Four Renaissance Motets by Tomas Luis de Victoria
Arranged by Phyllis Avidan Louke

O Magnum Mysterium (O Great Mystery); O Quam Gloriosum (O How Glorious); O Vos Omnes (O All Ye That Pass); Ave Maria (Hail Mary)

These four motets were adapted from choral music written by Spanish Renaissance composer, Tomás Luis de Victoria.  He wrote exclusively Latin sacred music.  O Magnum Mysterium is perhaps the most moving sacred setting ever written during the Renaissance. Composed in the phrygian mode, this motet evokes the ancient spectacle of high services in the great stone churches of the Old World. The opening chord progression of O Quam Gloriosum’s, a motet for All Saints Day, depicts the mystery of transfiguration into the afterlife.  After many phrases depicting death, the music leads us to a comforting close as the dead are lead to their eternal home.  O Vos Omnes, a motet traditionally performed during Holy Week, is seen as one of the best, combining a perfect polyphonic technique with a highly expressive interpretation of the words.  Ave Maria is the composer’s best known work.

Scored for 3 flutes and alto flute, with optional piccolo and bass flute (8:30)


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