Solid Silver Standard Wall
Flute Headjoint: Sterling silver, standard wall

Gemeinhardt custom headjoints incorporate the most advanced innovations in design and construction to offer flutists a variety of tone colors and resistance levels. Crafted by skilled artisans, these headjoints promise outstanding performance when paired with Gemeinhardt flutes.

The H1 is the most recent headjoint design, the result of research focusing on the angles of the front and back walls of the embouchure hole. Its ease of response makes it particularly well suited for the beginner, yet it has a rich dynamic tonal palette that the professional can explore.

The J1 headjoint offers the least resistance of the headjoints. It provides extremely quick response in the low register while retaining a free-blowing high register.

The K1 headjoint will offer somewhat more resistance than other Gemeinhardt headjoints. As a result, it provides a sound which projects brilliantly. It is extremely responsive in the lower register and lends itself particularly well to very soft playing in the high register.

The M1 headjoint produces a full, warm sound that is color-balanced throughout all registers without sacrificing quickness of articulation in the lower register. 

The S1 headjoint combines brilliance with a rich dark sound and is capable of superb projection. The response is quick in all registers and extreme dynamic contrasts are readily achievable.

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