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Golden Age of Piccolo - An Anthology of Early Piccolo Soloists
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Cox; Eilenberg; Waldteufel; Gregory; Mollenhauer;Occa; Kling; Filipovsky;Damm; Spencer; Damare;Bonnisseau; Gennin; Trad; LeThiere

Cox - Bobolink Schottische (with-George Schweinfest, Piccolo 1897)
Eilenberg - The Nightingale and The Frog (with George Schweinfest, Piccolo-1903)
Eilenberg - The Nightingale and The Frog (with Frank Mazziotta, Piccolo 1904)
Waldteufel - Frolics Polka (with Darius Lyons, Piccolo 1908)
Eilenberg - The Nightingale and The Frog (with Darius Lyons, Piccolo 1908)
Gregory - Dance California (with Marshall Lufsky, Piccolo 1908)
Mollenhauer - The Nighingale (with Marshall Lufsky, Piccolo 1905)
Occa - Kinloch o'Kinloch (with Marshall Lufsky, Piccolo 1905)
Kling - Pipit and Thistlefinch (with Marshall Lufsky and V. Falvell, Piccolo Duo 1909)
Eilenberg - The Nightingale and The Frog (with Clemente Barone, Piccolo 1911)
Filipovsky - Chant du Rossignol (with Clemente Barone, Piccolo 1926)
Damm - Through the Air (with Weyert Moor, Piccolo 1915)
Eilenberg - The Nightingale and The Frog (with Weyert Moor, Piccolo 1917)
Spencer - The Piccolo Player's Reward (with Len Spencer, Narration 1903)
Damare - The Wren (with Albert Fransella, Piccolo 1914)
Damare - Le Rossignol de l'Opera (with Eli Hudson,Piccolo 1908)
Bonnisseau - Keel Row Variations (with Eli Hudson, Piccolo-1908)
Kling - Max and Moritz (with Winnie and Eli Hudson, PiccoloDuet 1910)
LeThiere - L'oiseau du Bois (with Winnie Hudson, Piccolo 1910)
Gennin - The Merry Brothers (with Jean and Pierre Gennin, Piccolo Duet 1928)
Gennin - Fluttering Birds (with Jean and Pierre Gennin, PiccoloDuet 1928)
Traditional - Air Tyrolien (with Leon de Fontbonne and Leon Jacquemont, Piccolo Duet 1899)
Damare - Piccolo Polka (with Gaston Boisne, Piccolo 1928)
LeThiere - Sylvia-Scherzo (with Julius Schulhoff, Piccolo 1904)