New Voice Series: Tenor (Bass) Flute in C, New Voice composite plastic headjoint and body, composite plastic keys, handcut headjoint, B footjoint.

The Guo New Voice Bass Flute's light weight will be welcomed by some flutists and may reduce the risk of injury in flute performance.

Colorful Flute - You can literally own a “Colorful flute.” The New Voice flutes come in different colors. You can personalize your performance.

Impervious to Weather changes - Guo's revolutionary material and padding makes weather change no longer a problem. People can play Guo flutes in the rain or in the cold of winter. This is the ideal flute for marching bands or any other outside ensemble.

Flute Maintenance - The material is highly resistant to abrasion and will retain its pleasing appearance without worry. The new padding and mechanism will reduce the need for repair.

Environment Friendly - In traditional flute making, high-pollution processes like soldering, polishing and electroplating are necessary. Guo's flute making successfully avoids these processes. 

Some colors considered special order only. Please contact us for more information.