I Am Determined
flute, piano
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I Am Determined for flute and piano by Richard Arnest
A Shaker tune from New Lebanon, New York
Duration: 3'15" 

Originally sung in unison as part of the worship service, Shaker songs were typically written in a simplified notation, with no staff and letters to identify pitches.  The tunes often served as dances with the service dances as well.  The manuscript for this song lists the author as Olive Fairbanks, who lived in the main Shaker establishment of New Lebanon, New York, from the age of 2 years old.  It is an "extra" or "one-verse standing song", sung between dances and marches.  The lyrics are:  I am determined to be free; No carnal ties shall hinder me For Mother's gospel, I can see, Is safety to rely on.  All those who keep her righteous laws And bear their cross without a pause, Do flourish like a Sharon rose Upon the Mount of Zion.  The reference to "Mother" is to Ann Lee, founder of the Shaker movement.