Invitation to the Dance
flute, piano
Universal Edition
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Carl Maria Von Weber (1786-1826)
Arranged by Heinz Stolba

Rondeau Brillante

Compsed in 1819, the Invitation to the Dance is probably one of Carl Maria von Weber's best-known works. Originally for piano, the composition gained wide fame only through the orchestral version arranged by Hector Berlioz, who used it in 1841 as ballet music for a production of Weber's Der Freishutz. The present arrangement for flute and piano is in response to the continuing popularity of this charming dance sequence. It may be interesting to performers and listeners alike to read the programme that Weber is said to have provided for his wife:

 1. The dancer's first aproach (bars 1-5)
2. The lady's evasive reply (bars 5-9)
3. A more urgent invitation (bars 9-13)
4. Her consent to his request (bars 13-17)
5. Conversation: he begins, she replies (bars 17-21)
6. He, with heightened expression (bars 21-23)
7. She, warmly agreeing (bars 23-25)
8. The dance begins (bars 29-35)
9. Dance (bars 36-408)
10. His thanks (bars 408-414)
11. Her reply (bars 412-414)
12. The dancers step back (bars 414-418)