5 c flute, alto flutes, 2 bass flutes (or 7 c flutes, alto flutes)
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Kotekan by Wil Offermans
Scored for 5 CFlutes, Alto Flute and 2 Bass Flutes. Includes an additional C Flute part to use in place of alto flute. Includes score and parts.

In the wonderful world of non-western ensemble music, we can hear some most fascinating samples of collectivism. Here, usually each player performs a relatively simple pattern, rhythm or motive, which - on itself - seems without much musical value. However, once performed in the ensemble it becomes part of some sensational and enigmatic music. With the idea to integrate non-western ensemble techniques into the contemporary flute ensemble and with a focus towards Bali, Indonesia, I first composed three short studies for flute ensemble. These were based on techniques like canon, interlocking (a pattern or melody is divided amongst various parts) and kecak (the Balinese Hindu-legend monkey dance, with dazzling vocal interlocking).

Kotekan (= a Balinese interlocking technique) has been created as a sequel to these three short studies. Kotekan involves some contemporary flute techniques like wind tones, harmonics, and bamboo tones as well as a non-western approach concerning ensemble playing. Here, beauty can merely arise from the enjoyment of the elusive nature of the collectivism.

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