Monochrome I(8C)
Elkan Vogel
Product Code
flute choir

Monochrome I for eight flutes by Peter Schickele.

Monochrome means, of course, "one color," and each of the pieces in this series is written for a multiple number of a single kind of instrument. Beyond that limitation, however, there is no attempt to restrict the palette; each Monochrome explores a variety of harmonic, rhythmic, melodic and timbral textures. 

Monochrome I was written for members of Albert Tipton's flute class at the summer music school in Aspen, Colorado. Its original title was Tutti Flutti, but by the tuine ut was extended and revised a bit, the following winter, the idea of writing similar pieces for other instruments had taken shape, and the word "monochrome" was coined. The rich pyramid chords of the outer sections are contrasted with the generally spare, melodic texture of the central part; three of the flautist double on piccolo to extend the range.

Includes score and parts for 8 C Flutes (with Flutes 2, 3 & 4 doubling on piccolo).