All sterling silver, handcut Tsubasa headjoint, french (open hole), offset G, C# trill, drawn tone holes, white gold springs, pointed key arms, B footjoint, D# roller

The DS model is the realization of the professional flutist’s dream. This solid silver instrument is the result of superior workmanship, research and design. Each flute allows the performer to create their own unique sound with warmth and a wide spectrum of tonal color. Professional flutists worldwide have enjoyed playing the Muramatsu flute since 1923. It comes with a beautifully hand cut headjoint and Muramatsu’s famous dependable key mechanism, and is the ideal choice for the professional flutist who desires custom options.

The American DS is stamped MA on the ribbing, assuring our customers that their flute was made in Japan and imported by Muramatsu America to American specifications.

-Solid Silver Head Joint
-Solid Silver Body and Keys
-D# Roller
-Engraved D# key
-Stamped MA on Rib

Muramatsu DSBOC-T 04-tagged.jpgMuramatsu DSBOC-T 05-tagged.jpgMuramatsu DSBOC-T 06-tagged.jpgMuramatsu DSBOC-T 07-tagged.jpgMuramatsu DSBOC-T 01-tagged.jpgMuramatsu DSBOC-T 03-tagged.jpg