Mysterious Exit
flute, percussion
Brixton Publication
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Mysterious Exit
Composer: Buss
Publisher: Brixton Publication
Instrumentation: Flute and Percussion

Duration: 11 minutes, 30 seconds.
Written summer 1993.

Flute doubles on piccolo
Perc. 1: Orchestra bells, temple blocks, suspended cymbals(medium and large), bead pod rattle, metal wind chimes.
Perc. 2: Marimba, medium suspended cymbal.
Perc. 3: Xylophone, large suspended cymbal.
Perc. 4: Vibraphone, tom tom(American Indian), sleigh bells, bean pod rattle, suspended cymbals, bell tree.

Excerpt from program notes:
"For centuries the Sinagua Indians lived in the rugged terrain near the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff, Arizona.  During the late 14th Century they mysteriously abandoned their villages.  All that remains of this conce thriving civilization are the pueblo ruins and assorted artifacts.... Mysterious Exit is a musical representation of how the presence of the Sinaguan culture graced the austere and forbidding landscape of the region.  Most of the melodies are based upon hexachords in a fashion similar to the existing native American music of the area...."