Op15 Twenty-four Etudes(ed.Wincenc) w/2nd flute part
Lauren Keiser/Hal Leonard
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A Danish flutist, conductor and composer born in Copenhagen, Denmark, he is considered one of the best of his time.  Andersen turned to composing after suffering a debilitating paralysis of his tongue, which ended his international career as a virtuoso.  The idea for this edition has its foundation in the teachings of Marcel Moyse, who would accompany a student in these etudes by creating a counterpoint to the original study.  By adding the second line, Moyse was able to underscore the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structure and shape of the lines in a way which went far beyond any possible verbal explanation.  The editor, Carol Wincenc, takes those improvisations even further as a way to immortalize her inspiring sessions with him.  The second part is playable not only by a teacher in guiding the student in his or her development, but, in some cases, a beginner student.