Op15 24 Etudes
flute, optional 2nd flute part
Carol Wincenc
Lauren Keiser/Hal Leonard
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Twenty-four Etudes for Flute, Op15 by Joachim Andersen
Edited by Carol Wincenc
Includes FLUTE 2 part

The idea for this edition has its foundation in the teachings of the great French flutist Marcel Moyse (a pivotal mentor to Professor Wincenc) who as a young boy played for Andersen himself. In lessons, Moyse would accompany the student in these etudes by creating a counterpoint to the original study, and often vocally improvising melodies and/or lyrics (most poignantly in Etude #3, whose first melodic notes were for him, "Je t'aime... Oui, Je t'aime!")

In adding his second line, Moyse was able to underscore the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structure and shape of the lines in a way which went far beyond any possible verbal explanation. This way the student learned about rhythmic stability, phrasing, intonation, and quality of sound by playing with the master.

In this new edition of the 24 Etudes for Solo Flute, Op15, Professor Wincenc not only wishes to take Moyse's improvisation further but to immortalize her aspiring sessions with him by creating a second flute part playable not only by the teacher (to assist in guiding the student in his or herdevelopment) but in some cases by a beginner student. Some of these additional parts are mere skeletons of the original numbers (3, 14), designed to propel the student's line forward, while others are characteristically akin to the original etude, but compositionally quite new (6, 18, 24).