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Many people come to a point in life where they take a look back to see what choices they made and to review those decisions.  Did they take a chance when they needed to?  Did they get the outcome they expected?  Many artists continue this line of questioning in their work.  For composers, they find themselves asking whether a certain piece turned out the way it was first envisioned.  This piece serves as an exploratory piece.  It turned out to be the first piece the composer wrote after he reached the point that he was comfortable with the skills he had as a composer that he could break free.  However, while that is the technical aspect of the piece, the three movement structure finds its basis on a more personal level.  Each of the three movements covers a distinct period in his life, from a generic standpoint.  No single movement defined each of the periods covered; he found it easier to denote "The Inner Child" (movement 1) as the early years, "To Adolescence" (movement 2) as the teenage years, and "Light of the Journey" (movement 3) as the remainder of our lives. In this way, everyone can relate to these Passageways.