Pausing at the Border
C flute and piccolo, alto flute and C flute, Tenor, piano
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Pausing at the Border
For C Flute and Piccolo, Alto Flute and C Flute, Tenor and Piano
By P. Brent Register
1st Flutist doubles on C Flute and Piccolo, 2nd Flutist doubles on Alto Flute and C Flute
Includes score and parts. 

Composed in 2008, conceived as a collaboration of poetry, music and dance. As a dance piece, it was composed with the idea that there would be no breaks between the individual movements and with the musicians rotating between instruments. The work is most practical using four musicians (tenor, two flutists, and a designated pianist), as is conceived in this edition. The poetry included is as follows:

Prelude - C Flute, Alto Flute, Piano
Pausing at the Border  - Tenor, Alto Flute, Piano
Regrets - Tenor, C Flute, Piano
Just Wondering - Tenor, Piccolo, C Flute
Rain - Tenor, C Flute, Piano
At Last a Guest - Tenor, Alto Flute, Piano
Postlude - C Flute, Alto Flute, Piano

Although conceived for three musicians (a tenor and two flutists who must all play the piano) the work is most practical using four musicians (tenor, two flutists, and a designated pianist). Should an ensemble wish to perform the 3-musician version, directions have been provided in italics in the score/parts. As the piece has been successful without vocals, the tenor part could be performed on the flute or other treble instruments.