PF-8800RBE 14KEL
"Cantabile" model - All sterling silver, handcut Calore headjoint with 14K gold riser and engraved lip plate, french (open hole), offset G, split E mechanism, pointed key arms, pinless mechanism, drawn tone holes, white gold springs, 0.40mm tubing, B footjoint

The Cantabile series makes use of traditional handmade features, such as complete .925 Sterling Silver, French pointed arms and drawn tone holes. The Sterling Silver keys are exceptionally nimble and swift when coupled with Pearl's Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar. The Cantabile is a superb entry into the world of handmade flutes.

*Calore - The Calore headjoint is Pearl's most responsive and flexible headjoint ever created. Pearl craftsmen have designed a perfect blend of powerful tone, effortless articulation and exceptional dynamic range in one headjoint that is simply a joy to play.Typical of the big American Orchestral sound with a lot of flexibility, wide dynamic range and fast articulation.