"Maesta" model - Sterling silver (.925) handcut Calore headjoint, sterling silver body, footjoint and keys, french (open hole), inline G, C# trill, pointed key arms, pinless mechanism, drawn tone holes, white gold springs, B footjoint. Complete rose gold plating (headjoint, body, footjoint and keys).

The Maesta Silver flutes have been our jewel for years. The Maesta Silver flute use of traditional handmade features, such as complete .925 Sterling Silver, French pointed arms and drawn tone holes. The Sterling Silver keys are exceptionally nimble and swift when coupled with Pearl's Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar.

Pearl PF-9800RBCP 01-t.jpgPearl PF-9800RBCP 02-t.jpgPearl PF-9800RBCP 03-t.jpgPearl PF-9800RBCP 04-t.jpgPearl PF-9800RBCP 05-t.jpgPearl PF-9800RBCP 06-t.jpgPearl PF-9800RBCP 08-t.jpgPearl PF-9800RBCP 09-t.jpgPearl PF-9800RBCP 10-t.jpg