Handmade Conservatory Silver Model: All sterling silver, handcut Venti headjoint with 14K rose gold lip plate and 14K gold riser, offset G, C# trill, D# roller, pointed key arms, french (open hole), 10K gold springs, drawn tone holes, G disc, Straubinger pads, .016” tubing, B footjoint

Mr. Powell made his first conservatory flute in 1928, called the Commercial model. Today’s Conservatory models combine the aesthetics of the traditional Handmade Custom model with Powell’s Posi-Stop™ tail design, and are offered with a hand cut Custom Powell headjoint.

The Conservatory Model is a handmade, professional quality flute. Sterling silver is used for both body and keys, and springs are 10K white gold. Tone holes are extruded to the renowned, Modern Powell Scale. Each sterling silver Conservatory instrument possesses the special sonority, scale, and color for which all Powell flutes are known.

Powell HC-SSBOFCD 14KLR 03-tagged.jpgPowell HC-SSBOFCD 14KLR 04-tagged.jpg