Handmade Conservatory Aurumite 9K OEC
Aurumite 9K headjoint, body and footjoint (rose gold exterior/silver interior) with 9K rose gold lip plate and silver riser, sterling silver mechanism, french (open hole), offset G, split E mechanism, C# trill, 10K gold springs, drawn tone holes, handcut headjoint, Straubinger pads, .016 tubing, B footjoint

Mr. Powell made his first conservatory flute in 1928, called the Commercial model. Today’s Conservatory models combine the aesthetics of the traditional Handmade Custom model with Powell’s Posi-Stop™ tail design, and are offered with a hand cut Custom Powell headjoint.

The Conservatory model is a handmade, professional quality flute. Aurumite is the unique combination of sterling silver and gold, developed by Powell in 1987, and used for Handmade flutes since then. Through a patented fusion process, Powell produces flute tubing made of interlocking layers of gold and silver.

The Handmade Conservatory version of Aurumite is called "Aurumite 9K." The outer layer of the flute is 9K rose gold, which is metallurgically fused to an inner layer of sterling silver. It is not made with plating or bonding. In fact, an Aurumite 9K flute body contains 25 times more gold than a 24K gold-plated flute body, and the embouchure plate is solid 9K gold. The gold in the Aurumite 9K produces a warm and darker quality, while retaining the resonance and projection of silver.

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