Powell Piccolos

The orchestral repertoire makes many demands on the piccolo. The player depends on this instrument to confidently produce a strong, colorful sound that is in tune on the high notes of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 8, while projecting in the low passages of Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite. A Powell piccolo produces a dark, lyrical tone that makes the instrument sound like an extension of the flute.

All of our piccolos come with a hard case and cleaning rod.

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Powell SP-Signature Piccolo
Powell Signature
Aged Grenadilla wood body and handcut headjoint, sterling silver mechanism, undercut tone holes, conical bore, Pisoni Star pads, handcut bubble-style headjoint
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Powell Grenadilla
Powell Handmade Custom Grenadilla
Aged grenadilla wood headjoint and body, sterling silver mechanism, bubble-style handcut headjoint
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