Product card Instruments  Resona Flutes
Solid sterling silver "Resona by Burkart" handcut headjoint, sterling silver .016" body and footjoint, silver plated keys, inline or offset G, French (open hole), pointed key arms, gold springs, drawn tone holes, contemporary pads, B footjoint.

With the Resona 200, they are now meeting the needs of advancing players with an affordable instrument option that does not sacrifice tonal quality and long-term performance. To achieve this, they shared several of their top-tier flute features with the Resona, most famously the Burkart scale. The Burkart scale is mathematically derived and improves the intonation of the 21st century flute. Evenness and stability of pitch are its hallmarks. The scale gives the progressing flutist the sound and presence of a professional. To achieve greater tonal performance, the Resona 200 is equipped with a USA made, sterling silver headjoint. Each headjoint is hand-cut by Burkart's world-class craftsmen providing clearer tone and better response than commonly used plated headjoints. A player's technical ability will improve with the balanced finger action that gold springs make possible in the flute. All key-work & touch pieces are Burkart design, capturing the flute's ergonomic feel & fit to the hands. The Resona 200 - the next note starts here.