All sterling silver, french (open hole), offset G, C# trill, pointed key arms, NEL, drawn tone holes, handcut ST-2 headjoint, 0.46mm heavywall tubing, B footjoint

Sankyo Flutes represent traditional hand-built manufacturing excellence, with each instrument receiving the attention of artisans dedicated to the producing the renowned Sankyo sound. Sankyo artisans have total control over each step in the hand-crafted process.

The CF-401 is entirely made of sterling silver and is popular amongst many artists around the world. Formerly named the Artist. Its accurate scale and beautiful sound are results of superior handcrafting techniques.

Sankyo CF-401BONCHV 020-tagged.jpgSankyo CF-401BONCHV 03-tagged.jpgSankyo CF-401BONCHV 04-tagged.jpgSankyo CF-401BONCHV 01-tagged.jpg