Flute Headjoints
Flute Headjoints: Sterling Silver Headjoints for Sankyo Flutes

Headjoint Cuts:
FT - Flat Top: mixes characteristics of both ST and RT cuts. Strong throughout, especially in the high register. The FT has a consistency of tone and response through all registers. The articulation is crisp and clean. This headjoint is responsive and reliable.

ST-2 - Standard lip plate with a riser that balances the full range. The ST-2 is warm and expressive. It has depth and focus, giving it great projection. It moves between the registers with smooth fluidity.

RT-1 - Round Top: modern design lip plate that aims for a quick response and strong low register coupled with a riser that favors the low register. The RT headjoints have the original Sankyo modified wave style lip plate. These headjoints are dark and powerful with an especially strong low register.  There are subtle differences between the RT-1 and RT-2, especially with the feel of the upper register. (Formerly know as the NRS-1)

There are many tubing, lip plate and riser metal combinations available, such as 997 silver, 10K gold and 14K gold, and grenadilla wood.  Please contact us for more information. Some cuts and metal combinations are considered special order only.