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Via Handgrip - medium tension (TA-VIA-M)
Product Code : TA-VIA-M
The No 1 hand exerciser for musicians! VIA will greatly improve your strength, speed and dexterity while maintaining the health and well-being of your hands. Stronger, faster fingers for musical excellence.
Retail Price : $9.95
Discount Price : $8.95
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Voldyne Volumetric Exerciser (BB-VVE)
Product Code : BB-VVE
This device enables individuals to increase breath capacity, and control - used by physicians and hospitals for patient recovery
Retail Price : $29.95
Discount Price : $26.95
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Wristies - Fingerless Gloves, adult small size (MA-WAS)
Product Code : MA-WAS
Wristies fingerless gloves are made of Polartec fleece. Wristies breathe, wick moisture, insulate, are incredibly soft and comfortable, and keep the back or the hand and pulse points warm improving circulation. Wear Wristies to keep the snow, wind, and cold from invading while making music. We can special order a variety of colors and patterns. Adult size small. Color - Black.
Retail Price : $11.95
Discount Price : $10.95
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Wristies - Heated Wristies (MA-HW)
Product Code : MA-HW
Heated Wristies have a pouch to hold air activated, disposable mini hand warmers such at HotHands which provide concentrated warmth for 8-10 hours. Since Wristies fit on either hand, warmers can be applied safely to the back of the hands or palms. Heated Wristies can also be worn without hand warmers as Short Wristies. Includes 2 Hothands pouches.
Retail Price : $18.00
Discount Price : $15.95
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Wristies - HotHands Disposable Mini Hand Warmer Pouches (MA-HH)
Product Code : MA-HH
HotHands disposable mini hand warmer pouches (2). Provides concentrated warmth for 8 to 10 hours. Fits the Heated Wristies.
Retail Price : $1.50
Discount Price : $1.35
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Wristies - Performance Wristies (MA-PW)
Product Code : MA-PW
Performance Wristies, designed for musicians, keep hands and fingers warm when playing in the cold. Performance Wristies help improve circulation while maintaining total dexterity through its finger free design. Polartec 4-way power stretch Jersey-face material, highly breathable, water resistant, moisture wicking, machine washable.
Retail Price : $24.99
Discount Price : $22.99
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Yamaha Lip Plate Patch (PA-LPP)
Product Code : PA-LPP
The original lip plate grip from Yamaha! The patch prevents the lips of the performer from slipping during a flute performance. 15 patches per package. Easily removable, leaves no sticky residue.
Retail Price : $13.99
Discount Price : $10.95
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Young Musician Award (TA-YMA)
Product Code : TA-YMA
Certificate of achievement for your young musicians, package of 25, measure 8 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches, image of flute and rose.
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