The Fingerprints of Childhood
flute, violin, viola
Brubel Music
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A modern American composer, he writes for the full spectrum of performed music--television, movie, concert stage and video games. The title refers to the influences the adult has from his past, as in Wordsworth's famous phrase, "the Child is father to the Man."  The first movement, Improvisation, is a free association of musical ideas, one coming after the other, not unlike the impressions and experiences of childhood.  Variations, the second movement, takes many of the ideas of the first movement, and works and explores them in different ways.  The final movement, Ouspenskian Recurrence, refers to the mathematician/philosopher who believed that after death we could expect to recur rather than to reincarnate; that is, to return and repeat our lives until by an act of consciousness, we could change our future.  The recurrence here is a re-working of themes and motives that were improvised in the first movement.