Totem for solo flute
Falls House Press
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Totem for solo flute
Composer: Ittzes
Publisher: Falls House Press
Instrumentation: Flute

A contemporary Hungarian composer, he is also a flutist and music professor.  Commissioned by the National Flute Association for the 2012 Young Artist Competition, it is based on the most up-to-date techniques for the flute, with special attention to the multiphonic possibilities.  It is supposed to continue the path of the 20th century solo repertoire starting with Debussy, Jolivet and Varese, followed by Fukushima, Takemitsu, Yun and Hoover.  These works emphasize the magic power and the ethnic or even mythic roots of the flute.  The title was chosen for this reason, and also because of the special twelve-tone scale around which the whole work has been composed.  It appeared to the composer as an imaginary artifact from a forgotten ancient culture, as a cultic object recalling old spiritual existences.  Knowing these thoughts may help the performer to find the right approach to the interpretation, the final goal of making a natural shape and suggestive effect of the piece.