Two Duos
flute, percussion
Effiny Music
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2 Duos
Composer: Engebretson
Publisher: Effiny Music
Instrumentation: Flute and Percussion

     A modern American composer, he is also a music professor and performer.  The movement titles are taken, respectively, from the name of a game and a toy.  Whac-a-Mole is an arcade game in which players use plastic mallets to hit the figures of moles when they pop up from holes.  Floam is a microbead modeling compound.  It is kind of like space-age Play-Doh made of small Styrofoam beads like those found in a bean bag chair that are colored and sticky.  Because it doesn't dry out, Floam can be re-shaped over and over again.  Both movements (especially Floam) represent a renewed attempt to discover and develop means of working with harmony in ways that are both somewhat traditional, and, at the same time, appropriate to our time and place. Whac-a-Mole further tries to maximally exploit a minimum of percussion instruments in a virtuosic context, along with metric modulations for both.  The movements can be performed in either order, or separately by themselves.