Two Quicksteps
piccolo, 2 flutes, alto flute, bass flute
David H. Bailey
Falls House Press
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flute choir: piccolo, two flutes, alto flute, bass flute parts and score B.A. Burditt (American; 19th century; the Boston Brigade Band) 1. Andrews' Quick Step 2. The Greys' Quick Step

B.A. Burditt
Arranged for flute choir by
David H. Bailey

Since the 18th century, quickstep marches have been a mainstay of wind band literature. B.A. Burditt served with the Boston Brigade Band in the early to middle 19th century. These two quick steps were arranged from the piano versions of the original band compositions.

The first was published in 1840 and dedicated to Quartermaster S. Andrews of the Boston Light Infantry. The second one was dedicated to Captain John C. Park, the officers and members of the Boston City Greys, and performed for the first time at an encampment in Portsmouth, NH on July 31, 1839.

The light and lively character of this music makes it ideal for outdoor functions or for less formal indoor performances. It will delight the audience and provide a great change of pace back to the more delicately constructed music of that peaceful period of American History between the War of 1812 and the War Between the States.