Uncharted Paths
6 flutes (or 4 flutes, alto flute, bass flute)
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Deborah J. Anderson composed 1995 parts and score flute choir: six flutes (or four flutes, alto flute, bass flute) 3 movements: 1.Vol de Nuit 2. Encounter 3. Reflection

Composed for the 1995-1996 Northwest Flute Collegium

*This piece presents an adventure on two levels. In "Vol de Nuit ("Night Flight"), it could be a dreamer setting out into the night on a journey, or it could be a spiritual seeker setting out into the dark on a search for the intangible. 

*"Encounter" brings the dreamer into startling situations which involve encounters that one is not expecting. On the spirtiual level, the seeker discovers startling ideas which shake an existing world view. Old and new enter into an uncertain rapport, eventually resolving in the last movement. 

*"Reflection" draws upon not only the physical meaning of the title, in the sense that the music mirrors that of the first two movements, but also the intellectual meaning, in the sesnse that the dreamer/seeker reflects upon the significance of the journey. 

*from the Performance Notes by the composer