Used Haynes Grenadilla Wood Flute
Grenadilla wood headjoint, grenadilla wood body and footjoint, silver keys, plateau (closed hole) keys, C footjoint, cork joints, A=438. Made in 1905.

Includes extra grenadilla headjoint made by R.W. MacGibbon (Wisconsin) built to Powell specifications around 1940. Also includes additional Bettoney grenadilla headjoint and Bettoney grenadilla B footjoint with silver plated keys which are both fitted to the Haynes flute body. Haynes headjoint, body and footjoint fitted in original leather-covered wooden case.

Please note that this Haynes flute is being sold AS IS and includes the following: very fine crack in upper part of main joint running 1" beyond metal joint insert; crack from footjoint box to Eb tone hole.

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