Powell #7631
Used Powell Custom Grenadilla Piccolo with 2 Headjoints
Handmade, grenadilla body with sterling silver mechanism, A=442. Includes both handcut Grenadilla bubble-style and handcut sterling silver Powell headjoints. Made in 1988.

Service: This piccolo is being sold in non-certified AS-IS condition. Complete mechanical restoration/overhaul is needed.
Needed Repairs: We estimate the cost of repairs to be approximately $1125.
Financing: Up to 60 months financing available.

Includes professional case that fits only one piccolo headjoint and the piccolo body.

UPIPO7631 01A.jpgUPIPO7631 02.jpgUPIPO7631 03.jpgUPIPO7631 04.jpgUPIPO7631 05.jpgUPIPO7631 06.jpgUPIPO7631 07.jpgUPIPO7631 08.jpg