Rudall Carte
Used Rudall Carte Cocuswood Flute
Cocuswood thinned profiled wood headjoint, cocuswood body and footjoint, three separate pieces. Solid silver keywork, footwork to low B, closed G# mechanism, French (open hole) keys, pointed key arms, inline G, Rockstro clutches, gold springs, A=440. Completed on June 20th, 1929, Maker Hanke, sold on September 6th, 1929 to original owner. Includes original sales paperwork, original case with original cleaning rod and a brown Cavallaro case cover.

Please note that this Rudall Carte flute is being sold AS IS and includes the following: 

1 - crack through the back of headjoint, no effect on sound since headjoint is lined;
2 - crack at top of main joint through label, and bottom through right hand holes. Both of these are in the body and are sealed well.

Fitted into classic Rudall Carte leather-covered wooden case with original wooden cleaning rod/screw driver; also includes original brass cork grease container.

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