Young Artist Competition

Qualifying round recorded audition repertoire

Repertoire Available Recording(s)
1. W.A. Mozart: Andante in C (Henle Verlag)

Jean-Pierre Rampal - Mozart Flute Concertos and Andante

Paula Robison - Mozart In Love

David Shostac - The New Romantic Flute Vol 2

Herbert Weissberg - Mozart Flute Concertos and Andante

2. Robert Muczynski: Three Preludes, III. Allegro molto (Schirmer)

 Sarah Bassingthwaighte - Stalks In The Breeze

Jean-Pierre Rampal - Muczynski Complete Works for Flute

Stephanie Rea - Solo French and American Flute Works

Mark Sparks - Mark Sparks,Flute

Laurel Zucker - Inflorescence

3. Carl Reinecke: Sonata "Undine" Op167, I. Allegro (with repeats) and IV. Allegro molto (Schott)

Yossi Arnheim - Sound of Love and Legend

William Bennett - Live Concert At Wigmore Hall

Paul Fried - Flute and Piano Masterpieces

Ruth Kasckow - German Expressions

Jeffrey Khaner - The Romantic Flute

Emmanuel Pahud - Brahms, Reinecke Sonatas

Jacob Roseman - Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New

Meerenai Shim - Sometime the City Is Silent

Sandra Wacha - Through Time

 Tanya Witek - Flautopia

Laurel Zucker - Madrigal

Matej Zupan - Reinecke Works for Flute


Quarterfinal round repertoire

Repertoire Available Recording(s)
1. Claude Debussy: Syrinx (Little Piper)

Stalks In The Breeze - Works For Flute Alone

Elena Cecconi - Flautosolo Works for Solo Flute

Mary Karen CLardy - The Solo Flute Past To Present

Tadeu Coelho - Life-Drawing - Works for Solo Flute

Immanuel Davis - On A Clear Morning - Music for Flute and Piano

Michel Debost - Flute Panorama #3 : Une Simple Flute

Mathieu Dufour - Music for Flute & Piano

Linda Eagleson - Alone Into The Crowd

Paul Fried - La Flute Francaise - Works for Flute and Piano

Erich Graf - Flute Masterworks

Guo-Liang Han - The Art of Flute, v.1

Catherine Ransom Karoly - French Inspirations

Ruth Kasckow - French Impressions for Flute and Piano

Mindy Kaufman - French Flute Music

Jeffrey Khaner - French Flute Music

Michelle LaPorte - Postcards From Paris

Vincent Lucas - The Art of The French Flute

Lisamarie McGrath - The Colors Fall - Works for Flute and Piano

 Donald Peck - French Romantic

Donald Peck - Live Recital #2

Marina Piccinini - Prokoviev, Debussy, Franck

Stephanie Rea - Solo French and American Works

Paula Robison - The Art of Paula Robison

Gary Schocker - Flute Forest

Wolfgang Schulz - Modern French Music

Richard Sherman - The French Album

Mark Sparks - Fantasie

Jeanne Tarrant - Dance of The Blessed Spirits

Mark Thomas - Contrasts

Mary Jo White - Flute, Naturally

Robert Willoughby - Mostly French

Laurel Zucker - Masterclass Series DVD #1

Laurel Zucker - Virtuoso Flutist

Eugenia Zukerman - Incantation



2. Boismortier: Solo Suite in e minor, Op35 #1, I. Prelude, II. Allemande, and III. Rondeau 'Les Charites' (Billaudot or Schott)

 Sharon Bezaly - From A to Z Vol 2

Laurel Zucker - Inflorescence IV - Works for Solo Flute

3. Niccolo Paganini: 24 Caprices, Op1 #5 (International)

 Bonita Boyd - Paganini 24 Caprices

Zdenek Bruderhans - Almanacs

Nicholas Cawdrey - Paganini 24 Caprices

Marina Piccinini - Paganini 24 Caprices


Semifinal audition repertoire

Repertoire Available Recording(s)
1. Newly commissioned work for the competition (music will be sent to finalists in June)  No Available Recordings
2. GP Telemann: Sonata in f minor, TWV 41: fl, I. Allegro Cantabile and II. Allegro) (International)

 Jean-Pierre Rampal - Rampal Recording Collection: 1955 - 1962 2CDS

Gary Schocker - Works By JS Bach, Telemann, Handel

3. Luigi Cortese: Introduction and Allegro, Op40 (Ricordi)  No Available Recordings



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