diMedici Contrabass

Years of research have gone into perfecting the diMedici scale and mechanism design. This unique design preserves the aesthetics of a classical instrument by retaining features such as keys with sculpted French pointed arms. The flute's fine mechanism also includes well seated quality pads. Exceptional care is also taken with the handwork required to accurately cut and shape headjoints as well as adjust mechanisms precisely.

All of our flutes come with a hard case and cleaning rod.

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diMedici 1127BS
diMedici 1127BS ON SPECIAL!!!
Contrabass: All silver plated, pointed key arms, pearl finger buttons, key of C, B footjoint, adjustable floor peg. Comes with a wheeled carrying case for easy transport.
Retail Price : $18,730.00
Discount Price : $13,995.00
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