One Hundred Fifty Gems of Irish Music for Flute
flute, audio access
Grey Larsen
Mel Bay Publications
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150 Gems of Irish Music for Flute by Grey Larsen
with suggested ornamentation and phrasing
Includes online audio access

Grey Larsen, in the 150 Gems collections, has given us a most welcome follow-up to his encyclopedic volume, The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle (Mel Bay Publications, 2003) and The Essential Tin Whistle Toolbox (Mel Bay Publications, 2004). The Gems feature not only meticulously-selected tunes, but represent the first major offerings that use Larsen's innovative system of notating Irish ornamentation. These books and audio access tracks will help players gain a deeper understanding of the Irish musical tradition as well as provide new material to enhance the experience of the solo player and Irish session participant alike.

Have a Drink with Me
Slieve Russell
Hardiman's Fancy
Breeches Mary
Tenpenny Bit
Fanning's Jig
Thirsty for Drink
The Humours of Glynn
A Health to the Ladies
Palm Sunday
Sorry I Am
The Humours of Trim
The Lark on the Strand
Munster Bacon
Tell Her I Am (3-part version)
Tell Her I am (2-part version)
A Tailor I Am
The Wandering Minstrel
Pullet Wants Cock
Miller's Maggot
My Love in the Morning
Hudie Gallagher's March
Down the Back Lane
Tongs by the Fire
Top of Cork Road
I Ne'er Shall Wean Her
The High Part of the Road
Trip to Killavil
Fraher's Jig
Strike the Gay Harp
Sword in Hand
The Virginia Reel
Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh
The Queen of May
Toss the Feathers
The Earl's Chair
The Chattering Magpie
The Monaghan Twig
Jackson's Reel
The Maids of Mt. Kisco
The Union Reel
The Cameronian
The Galway Rambler
The Connaught Heifers
The Longford Tinker
The Green-Gowned Lass
Boys on the Hilltop
The Farewell Reel
Fisherman's Lilt
Killarney Boys of Pleasure
The Corner House
The Windy Gap
The Reel with the Birl
Ril Phadai 'n Athataigh (Paddy from Agharagh)
Lady Gordon
Maud Miller
The Crooked Road to Dublin
Johnny Going to Ceili
The Sailor's Bonnet
The Colliers' Reel
The Tap Room
The Noisy Curlew
The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
Old Wheels of the World
Sweeny's Dream
The Connemara Stocking
Mary McMahon
Drogheda Bay
Miss Monaghan
The Old High Reel
George White's Favorite
The Blackbird
Boys of Ballycastle
The First of May
Kit O'Mahoney's
The Brown Chest
Poll Ha'oenny
The Five Roads
The Pleasures of Hope
Tuamgraney Castle
I'm the Boy for Bewitching Them (Slip Jig)
The Ship Doctor (Slip Jig)
My Mind Will Never be Easy (Hop Jig)
Ballydesmond Polka #1
Din Tarrant's (Polka)
Padraig O'Keeffe's (Slide)
Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself (Slide)
Martin Kirwan's March
The Blackbird (Set Dance)
George Brabazon (Harp Piece)
Lord Inchiquin (Harp Piece)
The Orphan
The Cordial Jig
Paddy's Resource
Vincent Campbell's
Bush on the Hill
Haste to the Wedding
Jack Walsh's Jig
Child of My Heart
The Gold Ring
The Humours of Loughrea
Down the Bloom
Fred Finn's
Music in the Glen
Miss Patterson's Slipper
The Galtee Reel
Miss McLeod's Reel
The Duke of Leinster
Dr. Gilbert
Hand Me Down the Tackle
The Humours of Lissadell
The Green Hills of Tyrol
Kitty's Wedding
Jack O'Neill's Fancy
The Pride of Petravore
Madam if You Please
Blackwater Polka #2
O'Connell's Farewell to Dublin (Slide and Set Dance)
An Cuisin Ban (The White Cushion) (Set Dance)|
The Hag's Purse
An Buachaill Dreoite (The Spent Boy)
The Banks of Glenloe
The Gallowglass
The Luck Penny
Wellington's Advance
The Dance by the Old Sally Tree
The Cauliflower Jig
Strop the Razor
The Chicago Reel
Castle Kelly
McFadden's Handsome Daughter
The Maids of Mitchellstown
The Girl that Broke My Heart
The Humours of Scariff
My Maryanne
The Big Reel of Ballynacally
The Tempest
Mullingar Lea
Follow Me Down
Bunch of Green Rushes
The New Century
Chief O'Neill's Favorite
The Ebb Tide
Early in the Morning
The Man from Glauntaun (Slide)
John Doherty's Mazurka
Down the Hill (Air)

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